I.   Do we create a discernable, promotable differential competi-
     tive advantage in our news programs (our news position or
     brand image)?
     A.   Presentation: Instantly and constantly arresting and
     B.   Performance: Warm, human, friendly, credible, intelli-
     C.   Visually: Graphics and video
     D.   Content
     E.   Story placement
     F.   Story pacing
     G.   Breadth
     H.   Depth
     I.   Context
     J.   Serious
     K.   Insight/Interpretation/Analysis
     L.   Timeliness/In-tune with audience interests
     M.   Accuracy
     N.   Imagination/Innovation
     O.   Writing
     P.   Forward sell
     Q.   Expertise
     R.   Community involved, caring: An aggressive, good
     S.   Not overly commercial

II.  Do we keep the promises we make to our audience in our
     teases, promotion spots and advertising?  

III. Are we focusing our advertising and promotion on our news

IV.  Are we targeting our teases to the available audience?

V.   Are we enticing our audience to stay with us longer and come
     back more often--next news program, next day?

VI.  Are we accessible, easy to deal with?
     A.   For news sources
     B.   For the audience
     C.   For our colleagues in other departments
     D.   Among ourselves

VII. Do we work together as a team?
     A.   Share blame
     B.   Share information
     C.   Make joint decisions
     D.   Honor, maximize and utilize our diversity
     E.   Have fun

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